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VERSΞ is a collective of future-thinking individuals building an ecosystem of creative experience exchange.

VERSΞ explores radical systems introduced by blockchain technology at the intersection of art-meets-crypto.

We put creativity at the centre of our orbit, curating exhibitions that tease immersive experiences in new media art, sound and performance. Rendering real-life installations from digital media situates us somewhere in between reality and online virtual spaces, also known as the Metaverse. Think of it as the entire sum of virtual worlds, augmented reality and the internet.

VERSΞ offers free curated exhibitions of Australian and global thinkers, crypto-native artists and blockchain newcomers. We invite you to experience unique voices and media never before in union. The purpose of VERSΞ is to encourage the wider population to understand and engage with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a recognised and powerful technology of the future.

Blockchain technology, a fluid system of interpersonal connection, is the vessel of our movement — an autonomous exchange that speaks to the future of building communities around people, not the institutions.

Instead, VERSΞ likens the role of the curator, artist and collector as equal contributors to a globalised ecology, united in the generation of cultural value, shared experience, societal memory and new knowledge.

Think of VERSΞ as your portal to the Metaverse. Built by radical thinkers and creators for all.

VERSΞ prepares for launch in December 2021.

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VERSΞ is a curated NFT space launching December 2021 in Sydney, Australia.

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